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Salmon Fishing

Due to its remote northern location, Prince Rupert enjoys an abundance of migrating salmon. The Nass and Skeena Rivers are two of the largest salmon rivers on BC coast. During our fishing season, all 5 species of pacific salmon can be found and caught by sport fishing in Prince Rupert’s tidal waters. Although trolling for salmon is the most popular method of catching salmon, avid fly fishermen can enjoy enormous success and exciting results anytime during the fishing season, especially when fishing for Coho and Pink salmon on light line. The fight for a Pacific salmon should be on everybody’s “to do” list.

Halibut Fishing

Prince Rupert’s location is blessed with an abundance of large halibut, even our protected bays can produce some very large surprises. Chesapeake Charters has landed up to 250 lb halibuts in the past!

Nothing beats the adrenaline rush and tantalizing fight of reeling in a large Pacific halibut. These deep water behemoths grow up to 400 lbs, and catching a halibut over a 100 lbs on your charter is a real possibility.

Yellow Eye Rock Cod and Ling Cod

These deep water dwellers are always available to our charters as long as the weather co-operates. They live over large rock piles and pinnacles. Yellow Eye Rock and Ling Cod are both very territorial and will attack anything that gets in its way. Gigging at 250 feet or deeper is the norm, so therefore it is important that wave heights and wind speed is in our favor, as we need to keep our lines straight down in order to catch them. Ling Cod will grow to 100 lbs and have teeth to match it. Yellow Eye grow very slow. A 30 lb fish could be as old as a 100 years old. These fish are very exciting and provide good entertainment to catch, and are beautiful and tasty to boot.

Processing Your Catch

Our vessel is equipped with a fish cleaning and filleting table, as well as a pressurized salt water cleaning system to insure your catch is cleaned, prepared and stored properly on canary salt ice.

Guests have the option of having their catch processed, smoked, canned, or flash frozen by Dolly's Fish Market in Prince Rupert. They also ship anywhere in the world.

You can reach Dolly’s Fish Market by email: or call them at 250-624-6090.

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