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Why King Salmon Chesapeake Charters?

Instead of tooting our own horn, King Salmon Chesapeake Charters decided to print a short article that one of our clients wrote about our charters. Our heartfelt thanks to Lynn Prince for her glowing remarks!

“Being a “Valley girl” from California, I decided last summer to do something entirely different that turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life……..I placed myself aboard a wonderful charter boat for an eco tour with KING SALMON CHESAPEAKE CHARTERS, out of Prince Rupert BC., and decided I was going to do their “whole enchilada”………a grand combination of some sport fishing, grizzly bear watching, whale watching and just great all around scenic adventure exploring for 10 days. I was partnered with a group of lovely folks from France that spoke a little English, but the language barrier was soon broken down with all the incredible French wines they brought with them and generously shared with our Captain and I on our grand voyage!

Our Captain was a charming gentleman, born in France and raised in Switzerland, who had lots of his own stories to add to the French ambiance. Chartering since 1993, I found him capable, knowledgeable, highly experienced, and he truly provided one of the greatest adventures in my lifetime! He was also a surprisingly adept chef who provided 3 delicious home cooked meals on a daily basis.

My odyssey began by flying into Prince Rupert from Vancouver. We departed Prince Rupert on the charters 36 foot fishing vessel, TIDALDEANE, and arrived in beautiful Goose Bay just 4 miles from the spectacular Alaskan border, where a 50 foot yacht was gently anchored awaiting our arrival. RUSALKA’s warm teak wood interiors provided cozy staterooms where we safely slept at night in our floating bed and breakfast. A wonderful sun solarium/ dining area became our favorite part of the boat… here we dined on salmon, halibut, shrimp and crab nightly, drank fine wines from France (courtesy of the French) and laughed and enjoyed the cultural exchange, as we watched the glorious Canadian sunsets.

The first few days were spent doing some serious fishing for Salmon and Halibut. Nothing like feeling the salt spray and sea wind on your face as you wait for the first strike on your line. The breathtaking rainforest, majestic snowcapped mountains and scenery around us stirred the deepest part of my soul……….the haunting, mystical fjords and inlets we fished are forever etched in my memory. The highlight of the whole odyssey for me, tho, was the time gliding quietly along the shoreline in kayaks observing the giant, lumbering grizzlies in legendary Khutzeymateen. That and the pods of mammoth whales that surrounded our boats at times, while they were bubble feeding and breaching, was literally a heart stopping experience that was so absolutely thrilling! The complete charter was a grand adventure and continual visual feast that left my senses on overload. This is a tour that I highly recommend and would do again!”

Lynn Prince, Freelance Journalist

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